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Name: syd
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Location: fl
Explain your username: i used to eat veggy foods, like boca burgers, chik patty's all tha jazz, and mi friends called it dirt, and i used to always tell them i like it, so i came up with i1uvdirt...
Favorite Color: red, because it so bright and i love bright colors.
Bands: nothing original, the distillers, billy talent, reel big fish, finch.
Movies: bandits, the salton sea, zoolander.
Food: tomatoes
Day of the week: wednesday, cuz thursday and friday just haul ass and the you've got the weekend.
Thing to do for fun: it used to be rock climbing, but im really losing interest in that, its no fun anymore, so i guess swimming mostly, maybe diving, i was thinking about joining the diving team at school.
Vegetable: are potatoes a vegitable?

- What's your favorite thing about yourself? physically? my hair, always different colors, but otherwise i guess the way i think. i figure out people's thought processes alot and try and predict wat theyre going to say while im talking to them.
- What's your least favorite thing about yourself? my inability to forget wat other people are saying about me completely... i hate it, i just cant forget tho..
- What makes you unlike other people? my style mostly i think. iv been told it scares people away.. idk if thats true. but its wat came to mind first.
- What's your opinion on homosexuality? i think its something youre born with and that homosexuals should hav every right that hetrosexual couples do to get married and all that. love is love, nobody can tell you other wise...
- Who would you share your toothbrush with and why: ash maybe? she's mi best friend and i think i already hav shared a tooth brush with her.
- Why we should vote you in? cuz you love me?
- What is one thing about you that people would consider "weird"? really just my style i guess.. maybe im just a pretty normal kid who likes to dress in as many patterns as i can find.
- Name something that you feel strongly for. the more detail you write, the better chance is that you'll get in because we'll know you didn’t just bullshit this question. i feel pretty strongly about living by wat you say. if you tell somebody that wat theyre doing is really pissing you off, you sure as hell better make an effort to not do wat you told them not to, also... its so infuriating when they make such a big deal about what youre doing, then turn around and do it themselves. it only hurts when its somebody you care about and then its the hardest to talk about.
- What is your definition of being an unusual soul? being as true to yourself as you can be, i think alot of the population says they do that, but they do it within the limits of being accepted by the masses. if you always try and be true to yourself, then it seems to make you pretty unusual.
- What do you hate more then anything else in the world? crying.
- What's your favorite word, and why? puddle. cuz i love the way it rolls of your tongue, puddddllleee
- Do you sing in the shower? nope.
- Are you for or against drugs? i dont do them, but i dont generally look down on people who do. i guess id feel sad for anyone who was massively addicted to something cuz it shows a lot of hurting in them. to me at least. but im not against them.
- Where did you find us? i clicked on my "dyed hair" interest link in mi profile and saw unusual souls and was intrigued.
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i got no pix, sry, im not that skilled with mi lj.

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