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Unusual Souls

The place where the road of excess leads to the palace of fabulousness!!!

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Thanx, volcano_grrl!!!

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(1)Make sure when voting you put "yes" "no" or "undecided" in the subject line or your vote won't count.
(2)If you're not going to be active for a certain amount of time, please inform us that you're not going to be active and inform us of when you get back.
(3)You are allowed to promote other communities, just make sure it's under a livejournal cut.
(4)No more then one picture outside of a cut for every post.
(5)Give your honest reasons for accepting or rejecting a person. The application is just as important as the pictures.
(6)This isnt a community where everyone gets to be a nasty bitch. I've seen a couple of those, and somewhat dislike them because believe it or not, the comments do hurt. Yet be honest. So if you're a total out of line bitch after being accepted, no worries, you will be banned.
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