She who must not be named! (orcainthemist) wrote in unusual_souls,
She who must not be named!

Though I created, I'll go through the process!


Sex:only on occasion
Location:somewhere i don't want to be
Explain your username:orcas are killer whales and i like them! mist is a nickname for i guess it means that i have orcas inside me?

Color: pink, blue, black, purple
Bands:u2, catatonia, our lady peace, live, sublime
Movies:the neverending story, the anniversary party, party monster, harry potter
Food:chips and salsa
Day of the week:sunday, cuz that's the day i stay in bed all day while i'm waited on hand and foot
Thing to do for fun:when lace and i go to the mall and try on old lady clothing and take pictures in the dressing rooms.

- What's your favorite thing about yourself?my huge brown eyes!
- What's your least favorite thing about youself?my fat rolls duh
- What makes you unlike other people?my xray vision and mutating features
- What's your opinion on homosexuality?whatever floats your the end we're all "God's" children, right?
- Who would you share your toothbrush with and why?Jennifer Jason Leigh....cuz she's my hero!!!
- Why we should vote you in? because i created this fucker
- What is one thing about you that people would consider "weird"?Robby!!!
- Name something that you feel strongly for. the more detail you write, the better chance is that you'll get in because we'll know you didnt just bullshit this question.I am all about getting orcas (killer whales) out of captivity. They are depressed (notice the dorsal fin flopped over)and suicidal. Often they become hostile to their trainers and attack. Sea World is totally in denial over the whole thing, saying that it is educational for having them in captivity. Be it, it is somewhat educational, what about the animals, performing the same tricks over and over, 3 times a day, 7 days a week. Swimming around in a small, inclosed, chlorinated, freakishly blue tank. It isn't fair for our entertainment, these animals are suffering! Cases have been reported where a mother attacked her calf, a female rammed herself into another orca killing her instantly, blood shooting out of their blowholes while the trainers are standing by watching. It's horrible! UGH!!!
- what is your definition of being an unusual soul?well, it's my soul that is what makes me alive and who i am and the unusual comes in when i'm in a group of ppl that are the same! hehe...does that make any sense? i don't know...i have ADD
- What do you hate more then anything else in the world?yuppies! posers! ppl afraid to be theirselves.
- What's your favorite word, and why?simplicity. it sounds pretty and rolls off your tongue
- Do you sing in the shower?i developed my singing voice in the shower
- Are you for or against drugs?i do whatever i damn well please
- Where did you find us?i made you
- Promote at least twiceokie dokie
- 2-5 pictures

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